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 Knowledge, experience, service and the right equipment is always a



 The largest wrecker service in the Southeast with a 60 ton Rotator Wrecker,

50 ton Rollback (53 feet long) and 60 ton Detach (42 feet bed).

As you can see, we have the equipment to move anything that moves up and down the road or anything that doesn't move up and down the road:

* Tractors

* Wreckers

* Rollbacks

* Trailers

* Detach (picture available at a later date)                                                             



Vidalia, Dublin, Swainsboro, McRae,

Hazlehurst, Baxley, Statesboro


  GUARANTEED a 45-minute ETA!


Toll Free 1-888-537-9048

Fax (912) 537-0638

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